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Premier Concierge

Our Concierge Medical Practice provides our patients the opportunity to take a more proactive approach to their healthcare. Through our program, patients who chose to join, gain greater access to services and benefits designed to enhance their overall wellness.

24hrsAccess to medical professionals

Concierge Medicine patients will be able to access a medical professional by telephone and on-site triage care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Routine In-Home Medical Visits

In-home visits from our medical personnel are part of our concierge medicine program.  At Premier MHS, every patient is assigned to a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and his/her medical team who oversees all aspects of the patient’s healthcare needs. During your on-site visit, your PCP will monitor your health and medications, order your onsite diagnostic tests, and work with your coordinator to ensure continuity of care with all of your specialists.

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On-Site Diagnostic Vendors/Specialists

We have developed an extensive network of mobile specialists, mobile diagnostic vendors, behavioral health professionals and many other professionals who understand the needs of our homebound patients’.


Our extensive network consists of the following mobile specialists/vendors:

  • Psychiatry
  • Optometry
  • Podiatry
  • Dermatology

Other professionals as needed

  • Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray, EKG, ECG, etc.)
  • Labs
  • Home-Health Services (Therapy & Nursing)
  • Mobile Wound Care Physicians

Preventative Care & Quality measures

We ensure the delivery of preventive screenings/services and promote health & wellness. Our medical team provides evidence-based care, self-management support and education to our patients and their caregivers.

Preventing disease and detecting health issues at an early stage is essential to living a healthy life. You can prevent health problems or catch them before they get worse. The sooner you find out about a condition, the better you and your doctor can treat it so it doesn’t become serious. Following these guidelines, and your doctor’s advice, will help you stay healthy.

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Diabetic Eye Exam


Osteoporosis Management


Breast Cancer Screening


Colorectal Cancer Screening


Priority Medical Referrals

Our staff will work to provide patients with immediate medical referrals, usually with 48-72 hours.

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Patient Coordinators

Our patient coordinators will assist you and/or your caregivers to coordinate services, appointments, access patient’s information and will facilitate various issues related to your care. By coordinating all aspects of your healthcare, we strive to keep you in the best possible health.

In-Depth Yearly Medical and Wellness Exam

Once a year a thorough medical and wellness examination and consultation with our medical personnel is available to our patients.  We will work with you to address any medical issues and to set up a wellness plan personalized for your specific health goals.

Annual review

To enroll in our services or to request additional information feel free to contact us at


Instructions to switch PCP

1. Call the customer service number on your insurance card.

2. Request a Primary Care Physician (PCP) Change & request a call Ref.#

3. Call our office at (877)465-4494 and inform us of the change & provide us with the call Ref.#